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    Contents in Part I of this newsletter include:

    Creative Lesson Planning - Christmas Around the World Part I
    allartsupplies.com - Complete Selection of Art Supplies for Schools, Homeschools and Public/Private Organizations

    Christmas Around the World Part I

    Make geography really come alive this holiday season for your students by introducing them to Christmas celebrations around the world. You'll find the historical background, recipes, music, arts and crafts projects, and other related activities you need to create exciting hands on learning experiences in this newsletter.

    The Greek & Cretan Christmas Customs site provides a detailed historical background of how the holiday is celebrated by Greeks and Cretans. Scroll down to the bottom half of this web page to locate many helpful links links. Click onto , Candy Canes, Tradition of Bells, Tradition of the Christmas Rose, Tradition of the Christmas Wreaths, The Story of Silent Night, Holy Night and Christmas Traditions, Legends to learn about Christmas traditions. For information about how the Christmas holiday is celebrated in Greece visit Festivals, Celebrations and Holidays in Greece.

    Holiday Traditions - Italy offers some interesting historical details plus delectable Italian dishes. You'll also find detailed information about an Italian Christmas by pointing your browser to Italian Language Guide - Christmas. You'll also find some traditional Spanish Christmas recipes by visiting Holiday Traditions - Spain. Next, visit Christmas in Portugal to learn about their special celebrations. Your next stop should be to Christmas Traditions in France for a short but well written overview of how the French celebrate Christmas. Then visit Christmas in France where you will find craft instructions for Making a Decorative Bs‹che de Noel.

    Paula Bardell shares links which highlight Christmas traditions in England at About - Christmas in England. Christmas Customs from England, Christmas Poems, Dickens and Christmas, and Old English Customs are just a few of the links mentioned at this site.

    Christmas in England is another site worth seeing. For an interesting craft see where you will also find a craft link to Make Some Christmas Eve Bells. Take a stroll over to Christmas in Ireland to locate information about Christmas in Ireland, St. Stephen's Day and information about a traditional Christmas dinner. Find additional information about the traditional Irish Christmas meal by visiting Mount Saint Michael Christmas.

    Christmas in Scotland and Scotland Christmas offer information as to how the Scottish celebrate the holiday. You'll find a link to Christmenu where you can see a traditional Scottish Christmas dinner menu.

    Find background information, traditions and links to German and Austria Christmas music, recipes and more by visiting The German Christmas Page. Additional commentary and traditional Austria and German Christmas recipes are available from Holiday Traditions - Germany and Holiday Traditions - Austria.

    Hop on over to Holiday Traditions - Christmas in Poland and Luxembourg for additional holiday lesson planning and Christmas recipes. Next, visit Windows to Denmark- Danish Christmas Traditions where you will find concise, yet well written historical information accompanied by pictures showing the sights of Christmastime in Denmark and some wonderful recipes. You'll find directions for making the Danish paper hearts by visting Woven Paper Christmas Heart Basket

    Visit Russian Christmas to locate information about how Russians celebrate this holiday. Read how Russian traditions have changed from pre 1917 to the present. The entire traditional Russian Christmas menu, from appetizer to desserts, will be of interest to educators wishing to involve their students in preparing international dishes. Stop by Christmas in Hungary and Christmas Traditions in Hungary to discover how the Hungarians celebrate the holiday.

    Visit Russian Christmas to learn about various Russian customs and traditions.

    Viist Christmas Worldwide where you will find additional information on how Christmas is celebrated in Russia and many other parts of the world. Visit How to Celebrate a Mexican Christmas. Click on *Decorate a Mexican Home for Christmas* and *Decorate a Mexican Christmas tree* for ideas on how to create a prepared environment. For additional information on how to create a prepared environment for Christmas in Hunary, Germany, or Czechoslovakia point your browser to Christmas in Hungary. Look to the left of the web page for lesson planning information pertaining to other countries.

    Visit Christmas in Romania to learn more about traditional Romanian Christmas customs, food, carols and more. These ideas will also help you make a prepared international holiday environment for your school and home classrooms. You'll also find some holiday multicultural music ideas by visiting Music Education Resources Idea Library. You'll also want to click on Multilingual MIDI Files of Christmas carols to obtain lyrics to favorite Christmas carols in Japanese, Korean, French, Latin, Polish, and German.

    Extra Special Holiday Information Via E-Mail

    Viist The Pine Cone Lady Crafts for some interesting holiday craft projects. Visit Pine Cone Christmas Trees to make this adorable craft. This is craft is perfect for home and school clssrooms alike.


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    For additional Hanukkah and Kwanzaa lesson planning information, visit the AMC Fall 1999 Newsletter.

    Discover some marvelous new resources to help you with your lesson planning. To see our general *extensive* collection of resources click here.

    Don't forget to bookmark this page for lesson planning!

    Don't stop now!! Read AMC Fall/Winter 2001 Newsletter Part II. You'll discover some additional holiday lesson planning ideas and resources for your home and school classrooms. American Montessori Consulting
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