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    Contents in Part II of this newsletter include:

    Creative Lesson Planning - Christmas Around the World Part II
    INSTA-LEARN - Basic Skills, Reading, Math Manipulatives, Plus Visual Perception Screening and Therapy
    Joyful Noise - Self-pacing programs, learning center materials and games for the multiage or innovative classroom

    Christmas Around the World Part II

    Discover the Australian traditions by visiting Christmas in Australia. You'll find interesting commentary and links links to recipes. Hop on over to Christmas in New Zealand for some traditional New Zealand holiday background information.

    For general information about Christmas traditions in Asia visit Christmas in Asia. Specific information regarding traditions in India is available from Christmas/Holidays in India and Christmas in India For information about holiday traditions in Japan visit About - Christmas in Japan , Christmas in Japan, and Christmas in Japan by Historian Bill Egan. Christmas in China provides insights as to how the holiday is celebrated there. Read about the significance of the Parol at Christmas Lanterns of the Philippines. Then, involve your students in making their own parol. You'll find complete instructions here.

    For those interested in complete Kwanzaa and Hanukkah lesson planning please see the AMC Fall/Winter 1999 Newsletter. Additional multicultural holiday lesson planning is available at Christmas Celebrations and Traditions and Mrs. Nelson's Class Holiday Traditions - Israel.

    Christmas in the Middle East provides an overview of traditional customs celebrated by those in Bethlehem, Iran and Iraq. You'll find a discussion of how Christmas is celebrated in Turkey by pointing your browser to Christmas in Turkey. To learn about other Egyptian celebrations visit Holidays in Egypt

    Click on the hyperlinks to discover how those in South Africa and Zimbabwe celebrate Christmas.

    Visit Navidades en Puerto Rico/Christmas in Puerto Rico for a thoughtful account. You'll also find many other holiday lesson planning ideas for school and home classrooms by visiting the AMC Fall 1999 Newsletter.

    Click on About - Christmas in Central America and About - Christmas Traditions in Mexico to learn about some Christmas traditions celebrated in this region. Discover some marvelous interdisciplinary ideas you can use for your elementary students by reading the #246. Feliz Navidad (A Mexican Christmas Unit)

    Two teens share their Christmas holiday traditions in Traditioanl Christmas in Argetina. You'll also want to read December Holidays: Christmas in Brazil. Then, stop by Brazilian Christmas Turkey Dinner for some recipe ideas.

    Extra Special Information

    The following links should provide you with any additional Christmas historical background, crafts, music and art information you need for your interdisciplinary lesson planning.

    The CVC Christmas Page contains over a over 1,000 pages of Christmas related information. Other links containing information about worldwide holiday traditions include:

    Christmas Around the World

    Christmas Traditions

    Christmas Around the World


    Christmas 'Round the World

    Children in primary/elementary schools in England, Wales, America and Australia came together via email to share their experiences of Christmas. See Here is Christmas - as seen by the children work by visiting Christmas World. Debbie Cowland, second year participant in the Friends and Flags Project shares some special holiday traditions celebrated by Canadians, Canadian Sloviks, French, and French Canadians on her Seasons Greetings from Canada web page.

    Christmas: The Global Celebration, provides a global overview of holiday traditions which are accompanied by some holiday international recipes.

    Finally, to view some beautiful Kwanzaa, Christmas and Hanukkah art work stop by the Holidays and Art Gallery by Kidswork, The Montessori Art Program located in Palm Beach, Florida. For additional Hanukkah and Kwanzaa lesson planning information, visit the AMC Fall 1999 Newsletter.


    The INSTA-LEARN Reading and Math Programs each have teaching objective(s), listed in the Teacher's Guides. These programs supplement and support the major basal texts and all programs are sequential by grade level.

    INSTA-LEARN Features

    A. SELF-CHECKING - Each program has built-in self-checking features.
    B. MULTISENSORY MODE - With INSTA-LEARN, students learn through auditory, visual, tactile and kinesthetic modes.
    C. SUCCESS ORIENTED - Immediate response to right or wrong answer.
    D. SELF-PACING - INSTA-LEARN is designed to be used by individuals or small groups.
    E. IMMEDIATE FEEDBACK - Reinforces and facilitates the learning process.
    F. QUALITY - INSTA-LEARN materials are constructed of extremely durable plastic.

    Curricula & Special Program Areas

    A. Preschool
    B. Early Childhood Education (ECE)
    C. Head Start
    D. Primary & Chapter I Reading
    E. Primary, Chapter I & Intermediate Math
    F. English As A Second Language (ESL)
    G. Special Education
    H. Adult Basic Education (ABE)

    Word List

    The phonics-based words used in the INSTA-LEARN Reading Program include words from the following major lists:

    A. Dolch 220 Word List
    B. Kucera-Francis List
    C. Carrol List of Words Most Frequently Used
    D. Stone Revised List
    E. Word List of five basal reader


    The INSTA-LEARN Perception Board, as pictured to the left, is designed for developing pre-reading and math skills. It is also an excellent diagnostic tool for identifying students with perceptual problems. Each piece is constructed so that only the correct answers will fit!

    To learn more about INSTA-LEARN please visit AMC Resource Directory/INSTA-LEARN.

    The following is from the owner of Joyful Noise Publications:

    "Joyful Noise Publications specializes in dynamic and interactive curriculum materials for the multi-age or developmental elementary classroom. We provide kid-friendly and teacher-friendly learning materials in most curriculum areas. We believe that students should have the opportunity to learn with materials that support the development of independence, involve all the learning modalities, and maximize their learning. To this end, we offer a number of independent programs that individualize learning in the areas of reading, spelling, handwriting, keyboarding, and math. We also have many games and learning center materials that kids love to use over and over again.


    One of our most popular programs, the Math Tiles Activity Cards (pictured to the right), allow children to practice their computation with a maximum of kinesthetic involvement and a minimum of writing. Students arrange the ten single-digit numbered tiles on the card until all the computation is correct. While solving the problems, students perform a myriad of mental computations and develop problem-solving strategies. We offer 16 different sets, each containing 15 cards, so students can continue working through the math curriculum in this stimulating way.

    Our reading products include both phonetic and sight materials for students in grades k-6, including complete spelling, handwriting, and keyboarding curriculums as well as many language games.

    Other math materials include the Math Baskets (a complete self-paced computation program), a problem-solving task card program for grades 1-6, math games and software. We also have some excellent map skills materials.

    To learn more about Joyful Noise Publications please visit the AMC Resource Directory/Joyful Noise Publications..

    Discover some marvelous new resources to help you with your lesson planning. To see our general *extensive* collection of resources click here.

    Don't forget to bookmark this page for lesson planning!

    Don't stop now!! Read AMC Fall/Winter 2001 Newsletter Part I. You'll discover some additional holiday lesson planning ideas and resources for your home and school classrooms.

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