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Contents in Part I of this newsletter include:

Creative Lesson Planning - Make Your Own Multicultural Lessons II
The Puzzle Man - Creating Heirloom Quality Wooden Puzzles Since 1981
Wood Etc. Corp. -Kindergarten/Early Childhood Furniture and Equipment

Creative Lesson Planning Make Your Own Multicultural Lessons - Part II

Part I of this newsletter also contains detailed information about additional multicultural lesson plans. Be sure to read both parts so that you have a set of lessons involving multicultural art, music, history, geography, literature, and languages. You can read the AMC Summer Supplement 2001 Part I by clicking here.

The Directory site contains a treasure trove of information, beginning with a very comprehensive look at Korean culture for teachers and ending with facts about Korean culture, history and folk tales. The Korean Family Living. Destination: South Korean Unit Study provides an indepth look at education in New Zealand and South Korea. By spending some time at these websites, you will cull valuable information that can be integrated into your Montessori multicultural unit study.

Hands on music and art activities are meaningful ways to help children appreciate other cultures. Catherine Schmidt-Jones has prepared a wonderful lesson plan that introduces elementary school students to Two Traditional Korean songs. She provides some suggestions for the performance, notes on pronunciation, and sheet music. The module can be downloaded in .pdf. Visit Traditional Korean Songs for details.

Visit Paper Fan Craft to locate instructions for this beautiful home or school classroom project. Children love studying about their counterparts living in other countries. Chrystelle W. Perry has created some wonderful activities and lesson planning ideas educators can use to celebrate Korean Children's Day. Click on the *Appendix* hyperlink and you'll be connected to Yut - A Traditional Korean Game Instructions Page.

By visiting you will be connected to an ecclectic array of links, including the Korean alphabet, pronunciation guide and other language resources, to name a few. Below is just a sampling:

Useful phrases in Korean
The Hangeul Alphabet
English names in Korean
Free Korean fonts

Map projects help children to visualize what is being presented through reading and discussion. Easily locate any additional statistical information you need for your multicultural lesson presentation by visiting The World Atlas Page . Just click on the Graphics Map and World Atlas icons. Matt Rosenberg has compiled a most impressive collection of information about the Countries of Asia.

For specific information to help children understand some of the terminology associated with maps visit the following sites: Mapmaker, Mapmaker Make Me a Map and ProTeacher! Information from these sites could be used in conjunction with the map making and geography lesson planning information found in Modern Montessori at Home II: A Creative Teaching Guide for Parents of Children 10 through 12 Years of Age.

Some children will enjoy using the Geo Safari Electronic Game to independently learn more about U.S. geography, world geography and animals of the world. The name 'Geo Safari' is known to many home and school educators, since the electronic version has been available for more than a decade. Now, educators can also select from other versions - the GeoSafari Multi-Media Platinum Edition (MAC) and the GeoSafari Multi-Media Platinum Edition (PC) are available now as well.

Farm Country General Store, one of the most popular internet homeschooling bookstores, carries this product. Visit the AMC Resource Directory/Farm Country General Store. Visit GeoSafari Supplies for current offerings.

You can find map stands, map puzzles and other geography materials for the classroom from the AMC Resource Directory/Hello Wood

Many of the lesson plans in this section follow Bloom's Taxonomy. As many educators know, there are similarities between the Montessori Method and Bloom's Taxonomy. See Fall/Winter 1996 AMC Montessori Newsletter for detailed information.

Searching for Additional Multicultural Resources?

Nation Relation is a full-color card matching game that introduces the world and cultures to young children. Children play by finding matches and relationships among the nation cards. Children are able to compare and contrast cultural similarities and differences. Nation Relation is perfect for your multicultural presentations. Younger players receive practice matching pairs, sharpen visual perception skills and sort shapes; older players use abstract reasoning and concentration skills to find *relationships* between the nation cards and learn location of nations on the globe. For additional information visit AMC Resource Directory/Nation Relation.

Kimbo carries the following multicultural products:
Kim 9128 - Multicultural Rhythm Stick Fun
Children tap their rhythm sticks to the music of Puerto Rico,
West Africa, Japan, Vietnam, Israel, India and more.

KIM 9123 - Children Of The World
Simple circle, line and partner dances and games. Authentic
melodies and original songs from Africa, Japan, China, Mexico,
Puerto Rico, Russia, Italy, Greece and more.

KIM 9130 - Joining Hands With Other Lands
Multicultural Songs and Games
Children learn about other lands - food, celebrations including
birthdays, language(s) spoken and more.

KIM 7037 - Folk Dance Fun
Simple folk dances such as Irish Jig, Mexican Hat Dance,
Greek Zorba Dance, German Clapping Dance and more.

KIM 9132 - Songs About Native Americans

To learn more about the complete product line visit the AMC Resource Directory/ Kimbo.

Harrisville Designs offers the Kente Cloth Kit based on the traditional kente cloth of West Africa and the Navajo Kit. The latter is a design adapted a nineteenth century Navajo blanket in the collection of the Smithsonian Institution's National Museum of Natural History. For details and to see the complete product line visit the AMC Resource Directory/ Harrisville Designs.

Fun Felts offers a special International Heritage Collection

Karen of Fun Felt recently shared the following with us:
"Experience the culture of Germany, Japan, Mexico, India, and more through the costumes that fit our felt Girl Dolls. This set includes 15 felt costumes that you cut out, sashes identifying the country for the dolls to wear, and literature that includes games, recipes, and information about each country." Visit the AMC Resource Directory/ Fun Felt for additional information about the entire line of products available.

Jaye, of Creative Care, is well known for her craft packs which delight teachers and young children alike. Tuck away the following creative craft for the next Cinco de Mayo.

1. Cut out the shape of a sombrero from yellow construction paper.
2.Above the brim of the sombrero glue red pom poms alternating with dyed
green wheel macaroni.
3. Glue a computer print out label saying Cinco De Mayo- May 5th on the brim of the sombrero.
4. Adhere a Mexican flag sticker to the top of the sombrero and glue a
red, white and green crepe paper strip hanging off the bottom of the sombrero (these are the colors of the Mexican flag)

Creative Care "No Excuse Craft Packs" contain everything you need to complete a craft and all the preparation for the activity is done including the cutting of construction paper pieces. For additional information visit the AMC Resource Directory/Creative Care.

The Puzzle Man

Ed and his wife, Suzanne, have been making wooden puzzles and selling them at craft fairs and through the mail for over 20 years. They can now offer their customers the convenience of seeing and ordering online!

Ed comments, "All puzzles are individually hand-crafted with quality and education in mind. We use only the highest quality, furniture grade plywood that is domestically made from replenishable forests."

The Puzzle Man offers a wide selection of products including shapes and colors, personalized name puzzles, name and number puzzles, name and picture puzzles, alphabet and number puzzles, arithmetic puzzle, picture puzzles, art puzzles, puzzle maps of the United States, Africa, China, Europe, California, Mexicoand more! The continent and country maps are excellent for multicultural lesson presentations. Many of these geography maps are detailed with the name of the state/country under each piece, and the name of the capital on the back of each piece. Through using these hands on materials children see the location of one locale to another. These experiences actually solidify geography and cultural history school and home classroom presentations.

Many Montessori teachers and homeschoolers purchase products from The Puzzle Man for multiple uses. The puzzles are perfect for independent work, as the child manipulates the pieces to discover patterns, color, sizes and shapes. The puzzles are used in group settings as well. You can see the extensive selection and order online. For additional information please visit the AMC Resource Directory/The Puzzle Man..

Wood Etc. Corp

For the past 25 years Wood Etc. Corp has served the educators nationwide. They have come to rely on the fine product line because of the durability and fine craftsmanship offered. Some of the characteristics of Wood Etc. Corp include 11 ply Baltic Birch, dadoes and rabbet joints on units for added strength, glue and screws on stress areas, 1/4" thick indented and recessed backs on all storage units, 2" and 2 1/2" heavy duty industrial casters on all shelving units, two coats of tough environmentally safe, water base clear finish, and full 270 degree piano hinges on all kitchen units to help eliminate pinch points.

The owner recently shared the following with us: "Established in 1976, Wood Etc. has become the largest manufacturer of early childhood furniture and equipment in Texas and the 3rd largest in the country. Over the years, our primary way of selling our products was through school catalog companies and school dealer companies. We are looking into additional way of selling our products. We feel that we provide the best quality products at the lowest prices anywhere in the country.

Our storage units are ideally used to organize the classroom as well as any place there is a need to put things neatly away. We have dozens of units for all types of needs. Our library units are a great way to store and display books. Housekeeping units are ideal for dramatic play. Easels and art centers are used to promote creativity. Our line of kindergarten and early childhood furniture is very extensive. Not all items are listed on the web site."

For additional information please visit the AMC Resource Directory/Wood Etc. Corp..

Don't stop now!! Read Part I of this newsletter. You'll discover some additional multicultural lesson planning ideas and resources for your home and school classrooms. Don't forget to bookmark this page for lesson planning!

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