Animals in the Winter - Links for Montessori Unit Study

Below, are links for a complete unit study on Animals in the Winter. These PreK and K-8 links will lead you to articles, hands-on activities and other exercises that are compatible with the Montessori classified reading cards, phonics, grammar, creative writing, science, social studies and other extensive lesson plans found in Montessori at Home, Modern Montessori at Home and Modern Montessori at Home II books.

What happens to animals as it becomes cold outside?

Animals in Winter - Explains hibernation, migration and adaptation.
Animals in Winter Scavenger Hunt
How Animals Survive the Winter

How do animals prepare for winter?

Winter Animals
Acting Out How Animals Survive in the Winter
Animals in Winter

Why do birds fly south in the winter?

Why Do Birds Fly South for the Winter
Bird Curricula
When and How do Birds Migrate?

What is hibernation?

Animals Themes
Mrs. Jones - Hibernation
Groundhogs Day - Waking Up from Hibernation
Mammals Middle School - Lessons for Middle School Students

How do bears and badgers spend the winter?

Wildlife in Winter
How Do Animals Spend the Winter

How does the color white help animals in the wintertime?

Arctic Animals of Alaska
More About Camoflage

Where do the insects go in the winter?

Where do all the Insects go in the Winter?
How do fish survive in the winter?(Compare and Contrast)

Shunipiking Online Vol 02 No 02
Power to Learn: Winter Wonderings

How can you help birds in the winter?

Education World Lesson Planning, Celebrate Winter!
FundingFactory Lesson Plans
Attracting Birds in Winter
How to Help Garden Birds Survive the Winter Months?

Let's Write, Discuss and Talk About Animals in the Winter

Animals in Winter
Hibernation Background Information and Activities
Grades K - 8 - Winter
Write Your Own Books - For K - 3rd Grade(Part I)
Write Your Own Books - For K - 3rd Grade (Part II)

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