Christmas in Australia - Links for Unit Study

Below, are links for a complete unit study on Christmas in Australia. These 8 links will lead you to articles, hands-on activities and other exercises that are compatible as extension exercises with the Montessori classified reading cards, phonics, grammar, creative writing, science, social studies and other extensive lesson plans found in Montessori at Home, Modern Montessori at Home and Modern Montessori at Home II books.

How is Christmas in Australia celebrated today and in years past?

How is it celebrated today? (Compare and Contrast) Christmas in Australia
Christmas in Australia - Overview
How to Celebrate an Australian Christmas
Christmas Traditions - History of Christmas
Christmas Australian History
Christmas in Australia - Food, Music, Traditions, Church Services

A Look at Australian Christmas Flowers and Plants

Australian Christmas Plants
Christmas Bells - Blandfordia

Australian Christmas Recipes

Australian Christmas Recipes
Anzac Biscuits
Aussie Cooking - Christmas Recipes
Christmas Recipes - Australia

Free Maps of Australia

Map of Australia
More Maps of Australia

Let's Write and Discuss - Christmas in Australia

Christmas in Australia
Write Your Own Books - For K - 3rd Grade(Part I)
Write Your Own Books - For K - 3rd Grade (Part II)

Christmas Around the World (Part I)
Christmas Around the World (Part II)

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