Creative Care

Creative Care has been in business since 1995. Creative Care "No Excuse Craft Packs" contain everything you need to complete a craft and all the preparation for the activity is done including the cutting of construction paper pieces.

The "No Excuse" Craft Packs are time efficient because there is no running from store to store to find materials as well as all the preparation is done. The craft packs are age appropriate for 2-8 year olds. The kits appeal to day care homes, busy parents or grandparents who don't have the time, ideas, or supplies on hand.

The craft packs teach simple concepts to the children while they are having fun as well as building self-esteem and pride in their accomplishments. Twelve new ideas are offered each month and they revolve around the holidays, seasons, and preshool learning activities. There is a color, letter and number introduced monthly. The crafts are a business booster for the day care home showing concrete evidence of the quality care provided.

Visit the company's new Creative Care website to see more examples and to get ordering information. Contact info: e-mail
or call Jaye Leazer at (970)498-0844.

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