Fun With Languages

Fun With Languages is founded on the belief that language is the single most important gift we give our children and grandchildren. We recognize how important it is for you to nurture and encourage your child's developing language skills.

Throughout the Video and DVD we used art, music, puppets, words and rhymes to introduce babies and toddlers to 2 different languages at the same time in an easy and FUN way. You do not have to be bilingual to enjoy the program because we specifically created the program to be a teaching aid for parents and grandparents.

"Whether you are English-speaking and want to introduce your child to another language, or trying to teach your children-or yourself-English as a second language, our program is designed to make learning language exciting and fun," says Rick Hinds. "Our philosophy is that as the United States becomes more richly diverse, with Hispanic, Asian and other ethnic groups growing in size, all of our children will be better prepared for the future if they learn other languages now. "For questions, product samples, articles, helpful teaching hints, and ordering information visit the web site at

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