Heidi Spietz

Heidi Spietz has been involved in educating primary, middle school and high school students for many years. In 1984, she began a successful tutoring business educating children from K-12. She has also helped many students prepare for the GATE (gifted and talented) entrance exam, college prepatory ACT/SAT exams, and college related ESL tests. Her undergraduate coursework was in liberal studies and her graduate work was in health and nutrition.

Heidi has enjoyed working with community based groups and becoming involved in public policies. She received the CORO grant, but declined because of other commitments. Past recipients of the CORO grant include leaders like Senator Dianne Feinstein.

Heidi was instrumental in writing and teaching ESL, several nutrition and medical terminology courses at the post secondary level. She has also authored several non fiction and fiction books. Heidi was among the first to introduce Montessori on the Internet, with her online newsletters, periodic chats and messageboard.

In 1987, after completing Montessori training, Heidi began to successfully incorporate and use the Montessori method in non Montessori preschool, elementary school and home school environments. Her online lessons have also been used by at least one American university, to help college undergraduates majoring in education learn more about Montessori lesson plans.

Many of Heidi's books have been sold to Montessori schools and are used by Montessori teachers and recommended to parents of children in Montessori schools. Countless homeschoolers have used her books as well. Her books have been reviewed and recommended by Montessori teachers, Montessori homeschooling parents, journalists, librarians and others interested in Montessori education.

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You can also download her free Montessori grammar and phonics games by visiting American Montessori Consulting.

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