Insta-Learn carries a fine line of educational products ranging from preschool to level nine. The Insta-Learn product is constructed so that only the correct answer will fit. The company has been serving schools for over 28 years and their products are currently being used in many private, public and Montessori schools.

Perception Program
The INSTA-LEARN Perception Board is designed for developing pre-reading and math skills. It is also an excellent diagnostic tool for identifying students with perceptual problems.

Language Program
A success oriented approach to learning beginning ready skills

Math Program
The INSTA-LEARN Math Board is an excellent tool to introduce, reinforce and extend all basic math skills.

Magic Slate Learning Kits
Used to reinforce math, phonics, sight reading, and visual discrimination learning

For complete information about the product line please visit Insta-Learn For additional questions and to order call toll free (800)225-7837.

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