Teach Concepts, Skills and Standards with Music!

Intelli-TunesTM has a current line of 20 audio CD recordings for PreK-4 and is recommended by LEARNING magazine!

The recordings are written to enrich and accelerate learning across the curriculum with memorable songs and raps and chants. Each CD is aligned with national standards, basic skills or educational themes. They are extremely versatile teaching resources that can be used as stand-alone lessons or follow-up enrichment.

Intelli-TunesTM provide children with tremendous amounts of information that uniquely connect them to the curriculum. The lively tunes and stimulating lyrics make learning concepts, skills and standards fun and easy. Teaching and learning with music is a powerful educational resource that just makes sense for everyone!

Contact information: Phone at (877) 977-0571; FAX (530)-529-0571 Visit today!

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