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Our mission at http://www.literatureplace.com is to develop a comprehensive and dynamic collection of literature-based resources continues with our new resource. Start with the Winners Series: Our Bookfinder Guides are based on a cumulative database that includes award-winning books from over 100 awards programs including each state's Children's Choice awards and numerous Institution Awards programs. Each Bookfinder Guide includes two components: the Annotated Booklist and a Bookview for each book which includes the names of awards the book won along with other information to assist you in making the best choice. Available in March!

Bookfolio Series: Our Student Activity Guides include numerous instructional choices designed to engage the reader in activities that promote reading, writing, speaking, listening and other related activities. The variety of learning modalities makes it easy to meet most young readers' needs and interests. See sample online.

Reading Guide Series: Our Reading Guides complement our most popular titles. Each Guide includes chapter-by-chapter questions for students in both a teacher and a student format and also include an ongoing during-the-reading activity with its culminating activity. See sample online. Go to http://homeschool.literatureplace.com where homeschoolers receive a 25% discount on all our products.

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