LORD Company

"LORD Company has been manufacturing and distributing furniture and educational equipment for Montessori and early childhood markets for 22 years.

Besides free downloads at http://www.lordequip.com like the new $20 value of Land and Water Form Cards and Labels, LORD Company has several new products at introductory prices. These include:

Straight Line/Curved Line Material - Physical exercise, balance and creative design with lines and circles you can walk on. Useful for toddlers through elementary age. $49 regular price but for a limited time they will be offered at the introductory price of $20. Go to http://www.lordequip.com to learn more.

For infants - The Walk Around - for pulling up and walking the curves movement of a circle.
Primary - A new American looking farm for Montessori language work.
Early Elementary - Intro to noun and verb material.
Elementary - Physics material to introduce the shared properties of magnetic & electrical forces.
Visit us at http://www.lordequip.com for other age appropriate products, specials and FREEBIES. Contact the company via e-mail at lordequip@aol.com or by phone (270) 862-4537."

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