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Table of Contents

Part I

Hands-On Autumn Adventures - Autumn Leaves, Pumpkins, and Apple Classification
Harvesting Activities and Unit Studies
Gardens for Schools - Get Ready Now for Your Spring Garden
Aebleskiver ~ A Danish Pancake
Color Wheels ~ A Lesson Plan for Learning to Mix Colors with Poster
(Tempera) Paint
Instructions for Making a Guiro - Caribbean Musical Instrument
Relaxation Exercises for the Classroom

Part II

Recipe for Wood Dough for Sculpting
Turtle Drawing Lesson
Rice Pudding
Apple Sauce Parfait
Kathy O'Reilly Shares the Recipe - Fresh Fruit Freeze
from Cooking With Children Can Be Easy
Math Sequencing

Part III

Hobby City - Fun for Free Year Round
"Bread-on-the-Inside" Sandwich snacks
Omelet in a Bag
Snow Covered Pine Trees
Getting to Know Each Other Activity
Making Applesauce
The Friendship Tree
Make at Home Craft Recipes
More Fall Fun with Hands-On Equations®
Study of the Human Digestive System - Links for a Montessori Unit Study

Part IV

A Unit Study Featuring Italy
Middle School Word Puzzles
Painted Kitchen Trivet
Delighting in Little Things - Children and Microscopes
Article ~ Searching for the Right Book?
When in Doubt, Start with the Winners!
Hot Fudge Pudding Cake
Download Free Songs in French, Spanish, Italian, German and Chinese
Plant a Tree Curriculum Resources & Lesson Ideas
Free Algebra Activities from Hands-On Equations®

Part V

Making Apple Cinnamon Muffins
Montessori Cosmic Education and Peace: The Outdoor Environment
Sewing a Friendship Quilt
Literature Link Activity
Spiders Cookies
Autumn Colors Tissue Paper Art Project

Part VI

Lithuanian Cranberry Cake
Fish Printing ~ An Ancient Art First Perfected in Asia
Free Hands-On Algebra Activity
Beginning Cross Stitch and Continental Stitch for Making Coasters, Etc.
Educational Posters Directory & Resources Guide for Lifelong Learners, Classrooms, &
Homeschoolers from The Creative Process
More Middle School Word Puzzles
Cherry Mae's Holiday Turkey Meatballs
Cherry Mae's Holiday Stuffing

Part VII

Writing Pattern Activity
Lesson Plan for Autumn by Vivaldi
Fraction Circle Labels & Extensions
Apple Angel Food Cake
Oma's Cookies ~ A German Recipe
Plymouth, Massachusetts: A Local Perspective on the Pilgrims
A Canadian Thanksgiving (Celebrating the Harvest in the Great White North)


Zebra Stick Craft
Simply Sound Science Activity
Broken Rib Scarf with Seed Stitch Border
Macaroni and Cheese
Montessori Unit Study - The Cardiovascular System
Filipinio Fruit Salad
Filipino Mango Float
Filipino Leche Flan
Activities for Piggyback Songs for the Fall

Part IX

Free Puzzle Column for the New School Year
Combine Learning and Fun at Art Museums
*Treasure Hunt
*Art Collector
*I Spy an Eye
*Scavenger Hunt
Ever Been on a Microscope Safari?
AMC Autumn and Holiday Salads on Pinterest

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