The Human Nervous System - Links for Montessori Unit Study

The following unit study was brought to you by Heidi Spietz.

Below, are links for a complete unit study on the human neurological system. These K-12 links will lead you to articles, hands-on activities and other exercises that are compatible with the Montessori classified science reading cards, creative writing and other extensive lesson plans found in the Montessori at Home, Modern Montessori at Home and Modern Montessori at Home II books.

Some of the lessons below will be useful for postsecondary students as well. When I taught medical terminology at the college level, I divided the presentations into the basic study of Greek and Latin prefixes, roots and suffixes and then proceeded to have the students focus on the study of a body system, i.s. respiratory, circulatory, etc.

Each week I initially spent some time on the review of basic roots, prefixes and suffixes. The students practiced pronouncing the words and combining the basic roots with different prefixes and suffixes to form new words. So that the students could fully appreciate the topic at hand, we used diagrams, audiovisual aids and discussed medical laboratory tests, x-rays and clinical applications where the medical terms would be used. The students then independently studied diagrams and a select a list of relevant medical terms matched to the body system or medical topic being presented.

Flash cards work well in helping to learn the new language. This is particularly true for students who are now older but worked with the classified reading cards when they were younger. A concentrated study of the Greek and Latin word elements is also useful for those preparing to take ACT and SAT tests.

Diagrams of the Nervous System for Classified Reading Card Activities

Components of the Central Nervous System
Human Nervous System Diagram
Diagram of the Brain and Its Functions
Label the Synapse
The Brain & Nervous System Human Anatomy Posters & Charts.
Label the Human Brain in Transverse Section
Label the the Human Eye
Medical Terminology: The Nervous System
The Nervous System Clipart
Discussion of How to Make Montessori Classified Reading Cards

Neurology Terminology

Audio Pronunciation of Neurology Terms (Ages 12 - Adult)
List of Neurology Terms Featured on Audio(Ages 12 - Adult)

Links to Lessons Involving Nervous System Structure and Function

Science Activity -- "Optics"
Brain Chart - How Your Brain Works
Nervous System Vocabulary
Brain Facts and Figures
Nervous System Theme
Teacher Guide to Hands On Nervous System Experiments
Nervous System Projects
Right Hand/Left Hand
Measure the reaction time of a person by catching a metric ruler.
How Speech is Made
Optical Illusion Experiments
Bookplus Model - The Brain
Perception - Optical Illusion
Memory Game
Using My Brain 24/7
Perception - Our Senses
Links to Greek and Latin Medical Prefixes, Roots and Suffixes.
Nervous System Theme Unit Word Search

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