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Reading, Writing and Spelling in Spanish I: A Complete Guide to Teaching Your Child Beginning Written Spanish by Heidi Spietz

Here is the tool you need to formulate creative lesson plans for children 3 to 11 years of age. Teacher and tutor Heidi Spietz shares techniques which will make learning beginning Spanish a real treat for any child in this age group.

You'll also receive:
*tips on creating a Montessori learning environment in a school or home setting.

*actual samples of the matching Spanish picture exercise, Mi Casa Bingo, counting and number exercises, bilingual student pen pal letters for older children, Grammar Parsing Tray Exercises, lessons in telling time, the calendar, matching exercises, integrated geography, and language and grammar exercises, grammar charts, expressions, numbers, vocabulary, reading, writing, spelling and other related Montessori exercises.

*information-packed appendices listing valuable resources for lesson planning, recommended books for children 3 to 11 year of age and much, much more.

This book has also been used in Montessori schools by Spanish teachers - see reviews below.

You will receive complete instructions on how to make the Spanish Movable Alphabet Exercise, crossword puzzles, Montessori style Spanish Missing Letter Exercise, Montessori Spanish Grammar Tray Exercise, Montessori Matching Country Exercise, lessons in telling time, learning the various parts of speech, writing sentences, paragraphs and letters in Spanish, etc. You could easily use this book as a prototype for presenting lessons in French, German and Italian as well.

Here's what Montessori teachers have had to say about our Spanish book!

"I would like to let you know that I have enjoyed the Reading, Writing, and Spelling in Spanish I book very much." Clara, Spanish instructor, Franciscan Montessori Earth School, Portland, Oregon

I teach beginning Spanish to students in the 6-9 class, 9-12 class, and the Middle School at Alexandria Montessori School in Kettering, Ohio. I have been using the book Reading. Writing, and Spelling in Spanish I as a resource guide.

It has given me many ideas for materials for group presentations as well as individual student learning." Rebecca Hufziger, Alexandria Montessori School, Kettering, Ohio

"The book has many useful ideas for creating manipulative materials. We do not use text books in the classes, but we take lessons and exercises from them and adapt them to fit the interest and needs of our children The book's strength is in its approach and in the suggestions it offers for using existing materials in Montessori environments to teach Spanish." Gloria Hinojosa, Program Administrator, The Judson Montessori School, San Antonio, Texas

This white paperback book has a laminated cover for long lasting wear. $29.95. 216 pages. ISBN 0-929487-77-X

The Reading, Writing and Spelling in Spanish I book on CD is available for $10.95. Please see ordering information below. Individuals ordering our books and CDs who live outside the continental United States should click on the appropriate link (Ordering Information for Those Living Outside the United States) below.

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