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AMC Montessori Spring Hands-On Newsletter ~ Click on the Links
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Table of Contents

Part I

Bird-watching with Children
Math Sequencing
Home-grown "Fast Food" for Busy Families
Start your journey toward mastering a language at The Language Salons

Part II

Cooperative Games Lesson Ideas
The Peaceable Kingdom
Monthly Observances and Notable Data
Crayon Resist Projects
Picture-A-Day and Time Lapse Photography Idea
Hands-On Equations® Basic Algebraic Concepts
NEW! The Fun Way to Learn Algebra for the Kindle
Free Downloadable "Simple Reading Books"
Free Geography Set of Land and Water Form Cards
Home Made Ice Cream for Two
Ice Cube Fun from
How To Make a Flannel Board

Part III

Science Activity "I CAN'T TAKE THE PRESSURE!"
The Needle-Proof Balloon
Yummy Peanut Butter Fudge
Make Your Own Illustrated Favorite Foods and Recipes Notebook
New Middle School Word Puzzles
New! Brain Warmer Uppers
It's Time to Think Outside the Book and Kindle, Too!

Part IV

Introducing a Bird Feeder
Making Grass-Eggshell People
NEW! Montessori Easter Activities: Ukrainian Easter Eggs
in Culture and Science Curriculum with free .pdf downloads
My Family Tree
Marble Design Paper
Silly Basket
The Art and Fun of Kite Flying
Montessori Classified Seashell Activities

Part V

Playtime with Pre-Writing Activities
Draw a Simple Map and Discover the World
Draw Your World- FREE Sample Drawing Lessons
Montessori Insights and Reflections of a Preschool Student's First Year
Spring Is Here - Planting a Flower Garden
Go Green! Integrated Action/Music/Literature Activities
Alphabet March and Follow-up Activities

Part VI

More Hands-On Equations®Basic Algebraic Concepts
Download free French, Spanish, German, Italian and
Chinese songs with translations
Mother's Day in the Montessori Classroom
The Sensitive Period of Language

Part VII

NYC Foreign Language Classes For Children Make Mastering
The French Language Easy
Needlepoint 101
Musical Lesson Plan for Spring from The Four Seasons by Antonio Vivaldi
NEW! Science Activity - "Anti-gravity water - is it possible?


Celebrate Spring with Some Fun, Educational Nature Activities
Celebrating the Personal Life of George Washington
Lesson Planning Ideas with Recipes
Exploring Eggs - Food Related Activities by Montessorian Kathy O'Reilly

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