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Table of Contents

Part I

NEW! Summer Fun Makes for Summer Memories Part I
Up, Up and Away - The Art and Fun of Kite Flying
Classified Seashell Activities and Resources
Make a Band
Coffee Can Drum
Yogurt Container Shakers
Math Equations Activity
Mother's Day in the Classroom
Friendship Flower Activity
Discovering the Tradition of the Dragon Boat Festival
Making Rhythm Sticks
Friendship Salad
Spring Tea
Year End Activities - A Family Picnic

Part II

Hobby City - Featuring Burton's Gems and Opals
Summer Fruit, Cheese and Meat Kabobs
Inequalities - Pre Algebra Lessons
Montessori Math - Problem Solving Instructions and Materials
Watermelon Blueberry Banana Split
A Bit of Yarn for Good Pen Hold
A Page for the Letter O
Unit Study of the Nervous System
Basketball and Whole Body Memorizing Activity
The Whole Body Learner - Gifted for Moving!
Children's Books for Summer Reading - Part I

Part III

Static Charge Science Activity
Floating Needles
Invisible Leash
Recipe for Onion Pie
Activities for Celebrating 'America Through Song'
Numeral Dance
New! Oreo White Chocolate Cream Cheese Cookies
Special Summer Food Fun - Word Puzzles for Middle Schoolers
New! A Puzzling Trip (More Fun for Middle School Students)
Montessori Lessons - A Gardening Unit Study (With the Focus on Summer)
Nurturing Budding Botanists - Learning and Teaching the Basics of Plant Science

Part IV

Lesson Plan for the Water Music - Alla Hornpipe
Oh How I Love Italy - Music, Art, Food Seasoned with History and Geography
Plan a Celebration!
Notable Teachers
Leaf Print T-Shirt
Calendar Activity Ideas
Teacher as Curator - Setting Up a School Gallery
Sharing Food, Food in Art
Fudge Cupcakes by Lois Scarbrough
New! Potholder Weaving Activity by Bountiful Spinweave
Children's Books for Summer Reading - Part II

Part V

Craft Idea for Father's Day
Cooperative Games
Classic Nature and Outdoor Adventure Fiction for Kids and Families
Science Activity - - "Can Do!"
New! Summer Reading Ideas for 3rd and 4th Graders
New! Decimal and Fraction Equivalence Matching Set

Part VI

Three Fun Recipes - Treasure Chests, Pirate Ships and Canonballs
Changing a Flower's Color by Montessori teacher Dale Gausman - NCME
Making a Simple Friendship Bracelet by Montessori teacher Dale Gausman - NCME

Part VII

Free Reading Books
Free Montessori Water and Land Form Labels
Rollie Poultries Recipe
Interdisciplinary Math and Music Activity for
ECE and Elementary Children
Free Downloads from Intelli-Tunes™
Middle School Word Puzzles
Stuffed Apples Recipe
Let's Go On an Animal Safari!
Gym Time! - Fun Activities to Get the Kids Moving


Summer Fun Makes for Summer Memories Part II - A Must Read Article by Sara L. Ambarian

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