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The 2005 Montessori at Home Book revised and expanded edition has finally arrived! Here are some reviews from the original MONTESSORI AT HOME BOOK

"An experienced Montessori consultant's series used by parents who take a more holistic approach to early home education." LIBRARY JOURNAL 2/1/95

"Parents considering teaching preschoolers at home will find this a well-organized introduction to Montessori-style learning techniques." James Cox Reviewer's Choice - The Midwest Book Review

"This book is well organized and covers just about any topic you might encounter in teaching your children." THE DAILY PASADENA CITIZEN, PASADENA, TEXAS by Dick Nichols

"Montessori at Home, a unique parenting book written by Heidi Anne Spietz, can be an extremely helpful tool for parents of children from 3 to 5 years old. After reading it, I only wished that it had been on my list of reading materials when the children were all in that age group." THE JOURNAL, DELPHI, INDIANA by Michael Griffey

"Spietz has hit on the one area sure to appeal to parents of youngsters 3 to 5 years of age - quality education in which the parent is the deciding factor." THE DAILY SUN POST, SAN CLEMENTE, CALIFORNIA by Kacey Jordan

"With Montessori at Home, by Heidi Anne Spietz these parents have, as the title implies, a manual for employing Montessori methods at home." THE ROCKHINGHAM GAZETTE, EXETER, NEW HAMPSHIRE by Aggie Dowd.

"The foundation to a house-school is creating the right atmosphere, and the book Montessori at Home can help lay the groundwork." PENASQUITOS NEWS, POWAY, CALIFORNIA by Julie Gallant

For parents wishing to use the Montessori method as their home schooling curriculum for children through the age of 12, these three books offer concise yet complete information for designing the lesson plans and presenting the lesson. ALLPIE, E. CHATHAM, NEW YORK, by Gail Bering-Porter.

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