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Maria Montessori devised a series of activities referred to as Practical Life Exercises. These exercises are designed to give the child an opportunity to gain confidence and understand his role as he interacts with his environment. The exercises are divided into four categories. They are as follows: *Exercises in Elementary Body Movement*, *Caring for the Environment*, *Social Courtesies and *Care of Oneself*. For a complete description of these exercises you may want to borrow *Montessori at Home* from your local library.

Learning to prepare food is incorporated in the Exercises in Elementary Body Movement section. Presentations and hands on activities in caring for a garden are an integral part of the Caring for the Environment section. Presentations about nutrition, gardening and cooking can really come alive for older children as well if presented properly. These subjects needn't be presented in a vacuum. We've researched many gardening and cooking web sites for you, so that you can quickly locate information for combining presentations on gardening and cooking, cooking and history, cooking and holidays, cooking and harvests, cooking and traditions.

Many educators and parents indicated that they really appreciated the nutrition lesson planning ideas mentioned in the Fall/Winter 1996 newsletter. You'll want to refer to the Fall/Winter 1996 newsletter to review how Bloom's taxonomy and the Montessori method may be used for presentations about nutrition. You'll also want to refer to Modern Montessori at Home:A Creative Teaching Guide for Parents of Children Six through Nine Years of Age and Modern Montessori at Home II: A Creative Teaching Guide for Parents of Children 10 through 12 Years of Age for additional information about nutrition lesson planning.

The purpose of this particular issue is to help the presenter plan and successfully integrate lesson planning involving nutrition and recipes from around the world. Naturally, if you decide to involve your child or children in making these recipes rather than just presenting them yourself, you will want to visit Safe Cooking With Children and other Internet sites which deal specifically with this particular topic.

KidsCanMakeIt.com has many *wonderful* products and free lesson planning for various hands on activities, including cooking. Visit KidsCanMakeIt.com for details.

Montessorian Kathy O'Reilly has included free recipes in two of the AMC Hands-On Creative Lesson Planning Newsletters. Visit http://www.amonco.org/montessori_winter_handson.html and http://www.amonco.org/montessori_fall_handson.html for details. Don't forget to also visit Cooking With Children Can Be Easy for additional lesson planning information.

It's important that if you decide to demonstrate how to make one of the recipes that you explain the correct terminology. Terms like bind, dice, mince and fold can be confusing to a child. Cooking Terms will provide you with a synopsis of each of the commonly used terms in cooking. Click on the *Glossary of Food Terms*. Presentations using the *Three Period Lesson* could be given showing the child how each of these terms is applied in making the delectable dish of your choice. You'll want to read our Spring/Summer 1995 AMC Newsletter, if you aren't familiar with the *Three Period Lesson* . The *Three Period Lesson* is used in Montessori schools as well as by those using the Montessori method to homeschool, and it helps the child to full comprehend the concept introduced by the presenter.

Are you presenting lessons about Egyptian
customs and culture?

Marie Henein shares some of the recipes which have been passed down from one generation to the next. She provides the reader with a rather comprehensive look at which ingredients have been used to create delicious Egyptian meals. You'll find this discussion plus some recipes by visiting Tasty Vegetarian Recipes from Egypt

The Middle Eastern Links Web Site is perfect for those looking for recipes from Armenia, Cyprus, Iran, Israel, Kuwait, Lebanon, Syria, Turkey, and Yemen. Some of my favorite links from this site include *Foods of the Bible*, *Jewish Recipes*, *An Islamic Dinner and Islamic Dishes*,*Food Guide for Cyprus*, *Yemen Food and Drink* and *Turkish Cuisine*. From the Turkish Cuisine site you can easily also go to the FoodLines - Tools site where you'll find useful conversions, i.e. grams, tablespoon, teaspoons, ounces and pounds of commonly used ingredients like water, salt, flour, olive oil, and so forth. This data may come in handy during a presentation when you discuss food terminology and measurement of ingredients.

The Vegetarian Resource Guide provides the vegetarian with some yummy choices like *Tasty Vegetarian Recipes from Egypt*, *A Holiday Celebration*, *Passover Sedar Ideas* and even *Sauce Recipes for Young Children*.

Have you thought about presenting an interdisciplinary section about China?

Visit Great Vegetarian Recipes to acquaint yourself with Chinese cuisine. You'll find delectable dishes like Mandarin Noodles, Lo Mein, Shui Mai and Congee with Vegetables. If you wish to compare Chinese cuisine with Japanese or even Korean cuisine, visit the Diner's Digest


The Global Gastronomer

If you would like indepth information about other countries in Asia visit The Global Gasronomer. You'll find a plethora of information about most of the Asian countries. Here is a sampling, *Chinese New Year Dishes*, *Food in Chinese Culture*, *Food and the Chinese - discussion of regional cuisines*, *Hong Kong: General Information about Chinese Food*, *Northern Chinese Food*, *Recipes for Chinese Dishes*, *Northern Chinese Food, Recipes for Chinese Dishes*, *Introduction to Chinese Cooking - with pictures*, *Cuisine of India from Incore* *Cuisine of Karnataka*, *Cuisine of Kerala*, *Cuisine of Karnataka* , *Cuisine of Kerala/Malayalees*, *Delicious Indonesian Recipes*,* Gastronomical Tour of Bali*, *A Gourmet Guide to Bali Japanese Food Glossary* , *Japanese Food Terminology*, *Local Food from Penang Malaysian Recipes*, *Pakistani Recipes*, *Focus on Ethnic Cuisine: The Philippines*, *Singapore Recipes*, *Sri Lankan Recipes*, *Focus on Ethnic Cuisine: Thailand, Epicures in Asia* ,*Tibetan Recipes at SOAR*.

Planning a Unit about Mardi Gras?

The Creole and Cajun Recipe Page is very well organized. You can easily locate the type of dish(es) you are most interested by simply clicking on the appropriate heading(s) like *Seafood Dishes*, *Vegetables Side Dishes*, *Vegetarian Dishes*, and *Poultry Dishes* as well as other dishes for you carnivores and omnivores out there. If you think you might present an interdisciplinary lesson about the Mardi Gras, you'll want to bookmark this site for future reference.

Native American and Mayan Cooking

Make your lessons about Native Americans really special by discussing the different types of recipes listed on this excellent web site. Native American Foods - Recipes contains recipes for frybread, wild rice pancakes, and even a Mayan dish - New Corn Stuffed Tamales (Tamale de Elote).

Special Thanksgiving Website....

An American Thanksgiving for Kids and Families is the best, most comprehensive web site we have seen for information about Thanksgiving. You'll find indepth information about *The First Thanksgiving*, *Thanksgiving Food*, *Thanksgiving Fun* and much more....

Regional U.S. Cooking Information

Delightful historical commentary as well as information about favorite regional dishes await you at the Diner's Digest web site. You may want to bookmark one or more of the following pages for quick reference: New England Cookery, Midwestern Cooking, The American Southwest, and The South . If you are looking for related information about English and French influences, visit English Food and French Cuisine.

Hawaiian Culinary Delights

Bookmark Hawaiian Cooking Recipes if you intend to incorporate native Hawaiian food into your discussion about Hawaii.

Naturally, some parents and teachers may be interested in combining lessons about nutrition and ingredients in various recipes with some first hand gardening.

Vegetable Gardening

Some Montessori schools may have gardens where children actually learn first hand about how different crops grow. Whether you are a beginning homeschooler or an experienced Montessori teacher, the following web site may be of particular interest to you as you plan lessons on gardening and nutrition.

Gardens ArtisansTM offers themed garden kits, gardening products, seasonal newsletters and garden project information for children of all ages and abilities that are fun, unusual and inspiring. All theme gardens have the ability to enhance curriculum for any grade level.

Travis Saling provides a concise overview of gardening terminology. His Chart for Winter Vegetable Gardening is really a boon for those living in or near Washington state.

Pat Babcock offers Gardening Tips that many, especially Alaskans, will find useful.

Garden Artisans offers many helpful tips on how to bring nature's bountiful learning experiences to your own backyard. Visit http://www.gardenartisans.us for tips on how to create your own butterfly garden. You can subscribe to a free gardening newsletter by visiting the company's website.

Southerners will enjoy the Southern Gardening Television Segment. To find out the time and channel for your southern state like Mississippi and Tennesse you'll want to contact:

Tyson Gair
Senior Editor - Broadcast
Office of Agricultural Communications
Box 9625
Mississippi State, MS 39762
E-mail: tysong@mces.msstate.edu

The Vegetable Growing Website provides an excellent overview. You can easily access information about the planting and cultivation of almost any single vegetable you may have a question about.

Garden Web Europe will be much appreciated by our European friends. If you are multilingual and enjoy reading in Spanish, German, French or Italian, then you*ll want to visit The GardenWeb Europe Forums and select the foreign forum of your choice.

Do you live in Australia or New Zealand?

Visit Australian Gardening Forum:Cornucopia to post a question about fruit and/or vegetable gardening.

The following books will be very helpful for those of you looking for substantive information which will help you with your presentations. As you peruse the list of cooking and gardening titles, keep in mind that your local library may have purchased the book(s) you are interested in. If you see *reviewed by BOOKLIST*, *reviewed by School Library Journal* or reviewed by *Library Journal* next to the description of the book, you'll definitely want to see if your local public or university library owns a copy.

Read more about the following books, by CLICKING HERE

Go to the Browse by Category on the left of the web page, then click on Cookbooks and then on International Cooking.


Catholic Traditions in Cooking
by Ann Ball , Author
Our Sunday Visitor, Publishing Division

ISBN#: 0879735317

Beni's Family Cookbook for the Jewish Holidays
by Jane Breskin Zalben & Joan Nathan
Henry Holt & Company, Incorporated
ISBN#: 0805037357

Celebrations, Italian Style: Recipes & Menus for Special
Occasions & Seasons of the Year
by Mary Ann Esposito,Tomie dePaola and Bill Truslow
ISBN#: 0688130380
William Morrow & Company, Incorporated

Children's Jewish Holiday Kitchen; 70 Ways to Have Fun with Your
by Joan Nathan and Brooke Scudder
ISBN#: 0805241302
Publisher: Schocken Bks., Inc.

You'll find commentary about the significance of the various Jewish holidays besides traditional Jewish recipes.

Coastal New England Winterfare & Holiday Cooking
by Sherri A. Eldridge, Robert Groves
Illustrators Nadine Pranckunas
ISBN#: 188686201X
Publisher: Coast New

Ten major holidays are featured in this book. Activities are diverse and fun. This book has been reviewed by *BOOKLIST*.

Amish Cooking for Kids: or 6- to 12-Year-Old Cooks
by Phyllis Pellman Good
Rebecca Good and Kate Good
Cheryl A. Benner (Illustrators)
ISBN#: 1561481319
Publisher: Good Books

You'll find some culinary treasures in this recipe book. If you are planning a unit about the Amish, you'll appreciate the accompanying information for the recipe which shows how the given food is linked to a specific Amish occasion.

Catskill Cookery: Highlights from Two Centuries
by Mary Barile
ISBN#: 0937213004
Publisher: Heritage Margaretvil

Food on the Frontier: Minnesota Cooking from 1850 to 1900, with
Selected Recipes
by Marjorie Kreidberg
ISBN#: 0873510976
Publisher: Minnesota Historical Society Press

Grandma's Home Kitchen: Where Lessons & Life Were Mixed with
Love: Family Recipes & Traditions of Grandma's
Swedish Bakery, Door County
Wanda Peterson Mango
ISBN#: 0942495381
Amherst Press, Publisher

Memories of a Midwestern Farm: Good Food &
Inspiration from around the Kitchen Table
Nancy Hutchens,Claire Zion (Editor)
ISBN#: 067151072X

Nancy relates her upbring on a Southern Indiana farm in a warm, touching way. She shares over 100 recipes which have been passed down from generation to generation. Also included are songs the pioneers sang and other interesting memorabilia.

A Midwest Gardener's Cookbook
by Marian K. Towne
Ellen Walsh (Illustrator)
ISBN#: 0253210569
Publisher: Indiana University Press

Coastal New England Winterfare and Holiday Cooking
by Sherri A. Eldridge
Robert Groves and Nadine Pranckunas (Illustrators)
ISBN#: 1886862044
Publisher: Coastal New England Publications
Olde Traditional New England & Yankee Cooking
by Elizabeth H. Warner
ISBN#: 0961597208
Publisher: Elizabeth Hall Warner

The Border Cookbook: Authentic Home Cooking of the
American Southwest and Northern Mexico
Cheryl Alters Jamison, Bill Jamison
ISBN#: 1558321020
Publisher: Harvard Common Press

The Chesapeake Collection: A Treasury of Recipes
& Memorabilia from Maryland's Eastern Shore
Womans Club Of Denton Inc
ISBN#: 087033431X
Publisher: Cornell Maritime Pr., Inc.

Classical Southern Cooking: A Celebration of the Cuisine
of the Old South
by Damon Lee Fowler
ISBN#: 051759353X
Publisher: Crown Publishing Group

Comida: The Foods, Cooking & Traditions of the Upper Rio Grande
Frederick Muller, Meggan DeAnza
ISBN#: 0871088428
Publisher: Pruett Publishing Co.

Cookin Cajun Cooking School Cookbook
by Lisette Verlander and Susan Murphy
ISBN#: 087905784X
Publisher: Gibbs Smit

Classic Oriental Dishes
Lisa Dyer
ISBN#: 0765196832
Publisher: Smithmark Publishers, Incorporated

Great British Cookbook: Over 130 Traditional Family Recipes,
by Hilaire Walden Walden
ISBN#: 0831748699
Publisher: Smithmark Publishers, Incorporated

The Pioneer Cook: A Historical View of Canadian Prairie Food
by Beulah M. Barss
ISBN#: 0920490115
Publisher: Temeron Books, Incorporated

Pioneer Cooking in Ontario: Tested Recipes from Ontario's Pioneer
Villages & Historic Sites
C. W. Jeffreys (Illustrator)
ISBN#: 1550210157
Publisher: University of Toronto Press

Latin American and Caribbean Crafts
Judith Hoffman Corwin and Iris Rosoff (Editors)
ISBN#: 0531110141
Publisher: Franklin Watts Incorporated

Memories of a Cuban Kitchen
by Mary Urrutia Randelman and Joan Schwartz
ISBN#: 0028609980
Publisher: Macmillan Publishing Company, Incorporated

You'll find a sumptuous collection of more than 200 traditional recipes in this colorful book. Many different cultural influences are represented in these various recipes, i.e. Chinese, Portuguese, Indian, Spanish and African.

The Little New Orleans Cookbook: Fifty-Seven Classic Creole Recipes
That Will Enable Everyone to Enjoy
by Gwen McKee
ISBN#: 0937552429
Publisher: Quail Ridge Press, Incorporated

Delightfully Dutch: Recipes & Traditions
by Klompenburg Carol Van
Joan Liffring-zug (Illustrator)
ISBN#: 0941016145
Publisher: Penfield Press

Dutch Recipes from a Colonial Kitchen
by Isabelle Keating Savell
Publisher: Rockland C

Mom & Pop Udo's Favorite "Old Country" Recipes from Eastern Europe
by Rita Udo
Debbie Miller, Michael Udo, and Sheila Fitzharris (Editors)
Dover Publications
ISBN#: 0962968064
Publisher: Mom & Pop Productions

The Book of French Provincial Cooking
Hilaire Walden Walden
ISBN#: 1557882207
Berkley Publishing Group, Publisher

German Cookbook: A Complete Guide to Mastering Authentic German
by Mimi Sheraton
ISBN#: 0394401387
Random House, Inc. Publisher

From a Traditional Greek Kitchen: Vegetarian Cuisine
by Aphrodite Polemis
ISBN#: 0913990930
The Book Publishing Company, Publisher

The Greek Vegetarian: More than 100 Recipes Inspired
by the Traditional Dishes and Flavors of Greece, Vol. 1
by Diane Kochilas
ISBN#: 0312146086
Saint Martin, Publisher

The Festive Food of Ireland
Darina Allen,Sally Maltby
ISBN#: 1879373378
Publisher: Roberts Rinehart Publishers, Incorporated

This book offers yet another collection of culinary treasures.

Enduring Harvests: Native American Foods & Festivals for Every
by E. Barrie Kavasch
Mitzi Rawls (Illustrator)
ISBN#: 1564407373
Publisher: Globe Pequot Press

It's apparent that Kavasch took the time to really research the relationship of Native American traditions to the different recipes. He describes how some of these dishes were created to signify the earth's harvest as well as mark the approaching season, i.e. fall, winter, etc.

Hopi Cookery
Juanita Tiger Kavena
ISBN#: 0816506183
Publisher: University of Arizona Press

Native American Cooking: Foods of the Southwest Indian Nations
by Lois Ellen Frank, John Sedlar, Cynthia J. Frank
ISBN#: 0517574179
Publisher: Crown Publishing Group

The Good Land: Native American and Early Colonial Food
by Patricia B. Mitchell
ISBN#: 0925117609
Publisher: Mitchells

Philippine Food Adventures for Children, Vol. 199
by Violeta A. Noriega
Vera L. Noriega (Illustrator)
ISBN#: 0963655736
Publisher: Paperworks

Food in Russian Hist & Culture
Musya Glants, Joyce S. Toomre
ISBN#: 0253211069
Publisher: Indiana University Press

Notably Norwegian: Recipes, Festivals, Folk Arts
Louise Roalson, Editor
Joan Liffringzug, Illustrator
ISBN#: 0941016056
Penfield Press, Publisher

Prairie Cooks: Glorified Rice, Three-Day Buns, & Other Reminiscences
by Carrie Young and Felicia Young
ISBN#: 0877454361
University of Iowa Press, Publisher

Traditional Food from Scotland:
The Edinburgh Book of Plain Cookery Recipes
Hippocrene Books
ISBN#: 0781805147
Hippocrene Books, Incorporated, Publisher

Cooking the Austrian Way (Easy Menu Ethnic Cookbooks)
by Helga Hughes
Robert L. Wolfe (Illustrator)
Diane Wolfe (Photographer)
ISBN#: 0822509245
The Lerner Group, Publisher

The Peruvian Experience: Cuisine & Culture in the Land of the Incas
by Lois Tardio
ISBN#: 1567900704
Cool Hand, Publisher

The Delicioso: The Regional Cooking of Spain
by Penelope Casas
ISBN#: 0679430555
Alfred A. Knopf Inc., Publisher

This book contains over 400 authentic scrumptious recipes mixed with some delightful commentary. This book has been reviewed by *BOOKLIST*.

The Taste of Spain: Traditional Spanish Recipes and Their Origins,
Us Ed., Vol. 1
by Camilla Jessel
ISBN#: 0312064780
Publisher: Saint Martin

The Food of Thailand: Authentic Recipes
from the Golden Kingdom Periplus
ISBN#: 9625930027
Publisher: Periplus Editions

Real Vegetarian Thai
by Nancie McDermott
ISBN#: 0811811514
Publisher: Chronicle

Mezze: Greek, Turkish & Middle Eastern Dishes
by Rosamond Man
ISBN#: 1859640494
Publisher: Paul & Co

Read more about the following books, by CLICKING HERE

Go to the Browse by Category on the left of the web page, then click on Gardening and then on Gardening Books for Chlldren and Teens.


50 Gardening Projects for Kids: Step-by-Step
by Clare Bradley
ISBN#: 0831779411
Publisher: Smithmark Publishers, Incorporated

The Child's Kitchen Garden: A Book of Gardening,
Cooking, and Learning
by Georgeanne Brennan, Ethel Brennan
ISBN#: 0898158737
Ten Speed Publisher

The Complete Book of the Greenhouse
by Ian G. Walls
ISBN#: 0706374460
Sterling Publishing Co., Inc., Publisher

Compost!: Growing Gardens from Your Garbage
Linda Glaser and Anca Hariton Illustrators
ISBN#: 0761300309
Publisher Millbrook Press, Incorporated

Container Gardening for Kids
Ellen Talmage
Bruce Curtis, Photographer
ISBN#: 0806913789
Sterling Publishing Company, Incorporated, Publisher

You'll find more than 20 gardening exercises here which are sure to delight children. This book has been reviewed by *BOOKLIST*.

Corn Is Maize: The Gift of the Indians
by Aliki
ISBN#: 0064450260
HarperCollins Children, Publisher

This book has been reviewed by *School Library Journal*.

Garden Crafts for Kids: 50 Great Reasons to Get Your Hands Dirty
by Diana Rhoads
ISBN#: 0806909986
Sterling Publishing Company, Incorporated, Publisher

The Garden & Farm Books of Thomas Jefferson
by Robert C. Baron
ISBN#: 1555910130

Gardening in Iowa & Surrounding Areas
Veronica L. Fowler,Federated Garden Clubs Of Iowa
ISBN#: 0877455848

Gardening Wizardry for Kids: Green Thumb Magic
for the Great Indoors
by Patricia Kite
Yvette Santiago Banek (Illustrator)
ISBN#: 0812013174

Gardens, History, Gardening and Plant Science
(Unit Study Adventures)
by Amanda Bennett
ISBN#: 1888306017
Gcb, Publisher

Are you planning a unit study about Monet or Thomas Jefferson? These are two of the famous gardeners mentioned in this superb book. If you want to combine plant science with history to make gardening really meaningful for your students, you'll truly appreciate the unit study adventures contained throughout this book .

Get Growing!: Exciting Plant Projects for Kids
by Lois Walker
ISBN#: 0471544884
John Wiley & Sons, Incorporated , Publisher

200 Tips for Growing Vegetables in the Northeast
by Miranda Smith
ISBN#: 1556522525
Chicago Review Press, Incorporated, Publisher

200 Tips for Growing Vegetables in the Pacific Northwest
by Maggie Stuckey
ISBN#: 1556522541
Chicago Review Press, Incorporated, Publisher

200 Tips for Growing Vegetables in the Midwest
Pamela Wolfe
ISBN#: 1556521758
Chicago Review Press, Incorporated, Publisher

Grandmother's Garden: The Old-Fashioned American
Garden 1865-1915
by May Brawley Hill
ISBN#: 0810933896
Harry N. Abrams Incorporated, Publisher

This wonderful book was reviewed by *BOOKLIST*.

The Great Seed Mystery for Kids
by Peggy Henry
James Balkovek (Illustrator)
Barry Shapiro and Alan Copeland (Photographers)
ISBN#: 1880281112
N K Lawn & Garden Company, Publisher

This book provides children with an ample amount of hands on exercises. Children will learn about seeds and their relationship to the development of the plant. They'll also learn how to plant and nurture a garden.

Green Thumbs: A Kid's Activity Guide to Indoor & Outdoor Gardening
by Laurie Carlson
ISBN#: 155652238X
Publisher: Chicago Review Press, Incorporated, Publisher

Grow It for Fun: Hands-on Projects
by Denny A. Robson,Vanessa Bailey
ISBN#: 0531173437
Franklin Watts Incorporated, Publisher

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