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We are delighted to announce *many* new additions to our *Montessori Primary Recommended Resource Section*. Visit this new section today to find lesson planning resources. You'll find art, crafts, practical life, manipulatives, books, magazines, cursive writing, music, science, social science, math, classroom accessories, multicultural resources, furniture, foreign language, puppets, puzzles, teacher training, learning programs, and much, much more. These companies offer some terrific educational gifts as well. You'll also want to read below to learn more about these companies and organizations.

Contents in Part I of this newsletter include:

Cantemos Innovative Multicultural Learning through Songs and Stories
Childsake Materials to Help Educate Your Child About Nature and the Environment
Garden Artisans - Transform An Ordinary Backyard into a Garden Paradise

This issue spotlights the new additions to our resource center. You'll also receive extensive music and art lesson ideas and plans in Part I and Part II of this issue and information about the AMC Grammar Bingo Game in Parts III and IV. See how you can use this game as an interdisciplinary tool with your art and music history presentations.


Georgette Baker's musical offerings take multicultural learning to a new level. Cuentos y Canciones (Stories & Songs), featured in the Los Angeles Times, introduces students to favorites like "The Little Red Hen" (la Gallinita Roja). This remarkable performer/artist/author has traveled to many exotic places around the world and has been enriching the lives of young people she meets through her stories and songs. Her son, Michael, is carrying on the tradition of sharing his multicultural travel experiences by recently writing a bilingual Spanish/English account of his trip entitled We're Off..... To the Galapagos. This book, also featured in a recent L.A. Times article, is a must for both school and home classrooms. Many students will enjoy reading a book authored by a peer who has experienced such an exciting, true adventure.


Bug necklaces, giant fish scales, piranhas, music and stories are part of Georgette's South American Adventure, a multicultural performance in Spanish and English. Georgette, dressed as an Ecuadorian Indian, shares geography, songs, stories and unusual artifacts in this interactive assembly that introduces Spanish children's songs and culture. Available in Southern California or anywhere else your budget allows.

To learn more about all about CantemosAMC Resource Directory/Cantemos for details.


Below is some informative, interesting commentary provided by a Childsake representative:

"Rachel Carson, noted environmental author of "Silent Spring", believed that adults should guide and share with children in their discovery of the "sense of wonder" of nature and the environment. Once this innate enthusiasm and curiosity are aroused, children then have an enduring desire to acquire the knowledge and understanding of the natural world.

childsake) At Childsake we offer a variety of toys, games and puzzles focusing on themes of nature and the environment. Moreover, many of the items sold through our store are natural, organic or recycled; we have also included decorative items for the home and garden. Our website features over 200 children's books that promote environmental awareness and a respect for nature. The "Resources" section provides a listing of links to sites on children's environmental health and environmental education for parents and educators. 5% of profits is donated to non-profit organizations that work to improve the lives of children and better the environment."

Visit AMC Resource Directory/Childsake to find a variety of quality nature-themed activity kits, games, puzzles, wooden and stuffed toys, as well as arts & crafts.

Garden Artisans

Maria Montessori knew that children need to explore the natural environment. Children learn from hands on experiences involving the planting and maintenance of a garden. Therefore, it is not uncommon to see children actively participating in all aspects of gardening in a Montessori learning environment.

Janet from Garden Artisan shares the following with our readers:

"A garden is the ultimate classroom. While feeding seeds to birds is one way to attract birds to your garden, planting shrubs, trees and vines that meet their needs is another. Visit us online and learn, through our February 2001 newsletter, shrubs and plants birds are attracted to. For additional information, our book entitled "Early Birds, common backyard birds" is chock full of information on migratory patterns, feeding habits, housing dimensions and more."

garden_artisans) The Garden Artisans newsletters provide you with the supplemental, relevant information you need to present effective lessons about gardening. A sampling of issues you can obtain on the website archives include Plants that Attract Birds, Collecting Seeds - Fun for the Whole Family, Germinating Seeds & Seedling Care, etc. You'll also want to sign up to receive the newsletters in your mailbox every month.

Garden Artisans also offers supplies, books, and arts & crafts kits so that you can present extension exercises. Through these interdisciplinary learning experiences young children learn about the delicate balance of nature. They become more appreciative of what gardening offers and revel in seeing small seeds grow into plants and beautiful blossoming flowers. Visit the AMC Resource Directory /Garden Artisans today for additional information about the complete product line and to sign up for their monthly newsletters.

Interdisciplinary Learning through Grammar - Part I

Part I of this newsletter contains Renaissance music lesson planning information. Part II of this newsletter contains detailed Renaissance art lesson planning information. In Parts III and IV of this newsletter you will discover how you can combine any subject, including art and music history with lessons about grammar to present interdisciplinary lessons.

Part IV contains additional instructions on how to present the AMC Montessori Grammar Bingo Game. This game is meant to be used by Modern Montessori at Home: A Creative Teaching Guide for Parents of Children Six through Nine Years of Age and Modern Montessori at Home: A Creative Teaching Guide for Parents of Children 10 through 12 Years of Age. Download this free game and feel free to make copies for your home and school classrooms. After you download the game, you will discover how you can use simple sentences to illustrate the parts of speech. Later, as your child becomes familiar with identifying the parts of speech, use an interdisciplinary approach to combine grammar learning with a particular unit study. You can compose simple sentences about artists and musicians, Native Americans, the American Revolution to name a few. Then, invite your child to analyze each word in each sentence and place the corresponding symbol above each part of speech.

Click here to read AMC Spring/Summer 2001 Part I by Part I.

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Click here to read AMC Spring/Summer 2001 Part IV by Part IV.

Click here to for AMC Montessori Grammar Bingo downloading instructions

AMC Montessori Bingo Game Instructions

Copyright 2000. By Heidi Anne Spietz. American Montessori Consulting. All rights reserved.

Montessori Grammar Symbols

Maria Montessori used the following symbols to help children recognize the names and functions of the different parts of speech. The following coloring code is still used in Montessori schools today.

Article/Small Gray Triangle

Noun/Black Equilateral Triangle

Adjective/Blue Equilateral Triangle

Pronoun /Pink Isocele

Verb/Red Circle

Adverb/Smaller Orange Circle

Conjunction/Purple/Mauve Bar

Preposition/Green Crescent

Interjection/Sunny Yellow Skittle Shape

Review the AMC Grammar Bingo Master Control Cards to see what words have been selected for use in this game.

First, cut the grammar symbols out into squares along the black lines. Consistent with the Montessori Three Period Lesson, only three parts of speech are reviewed at a time. Cards 1 and 2 include articles, nouns, and verbs. Cards 3 and 4 include adverbs, prepositions and pronouns. Finally, Cards 5 and 6 include conjunctions, interjections and adjectives. Only nine words are included on the beginning and intermediate cards. This is done to both encourage the child's concentration and help him build confidence in recognizing the parts of speech presented.

By the time the child finishes Cards 5 and 6 he will have been exposed to all nine parts of speech. Cards 7 through 9 provide a complete review of all nine parts of speech presented.

Cards 10 through 12 present a more complex overview of the parts of speech given. These cards should be presented when both the student and presenter feel that the student is ready to successfully complete the game feeling both enthusiastic and confident in his ability to recognize the different parts of speech represented on the game cards.

Preparing for the Game

A supplemental exercise sheet has also been included. Use the sentences in the supplemental exercise sheet provided with this game to introduce or review the function of the article, noun and verb. Notice how a small gray triangle is placed above each article, a black equilateral triangle is placed above each noun and a red circle is placed above each verb.

You can construct sentences like these further illustrating the purpose of the article, noun, and verb. The student can draw the corresponding symbol above each article, noun and verb. Many students enjoy using their markers or colored pencils to complete such an exercise.

A finished Card 1 with the appropriate corresponding grammar symbols has been included with this game. You'll see that a gray triangle is placed by the word an, a red circle is placed by the word gave, a black triangle is placed on the word friend and so forth. Before playing the game, you will want to once again review the function of the parts of speech on Cards 1 and 2.

Now, let's see how Cards 1 and 2 are used to reinforce these three parts of speech.

First, cut out the parts of speech cards. Remove the article, noun and verb cards. Place these cards into a pile.

Next, cut out some of the article, noun and verb game symbol pieces. You will see that there are two articles for Card 1 and two for Card 2. Place the four small gray triangles in one pile. Next, since there are four verbs listed on Card 1 and four verbs listed on Card 2, you will want to cut out and place eight red circles in another pile. Finally, cut out and place six black equilateral triangles into a third pile. Your game pieces are now ready. So, let's begin the game!

Read Part IV of this newsletter to see how this game is presented. Remember, you can download all of the instructions, color coded grammar symbols, game cards plus free templates and examples of how to use sentences to reinforce parts of speech recognition. Then, combine the grammar lesson presentations with your art and music history presentations for some truly meaningful, interdisciplinary learning experiences. Click here to for downloading instructions

Don't forget to bookmark this page for lesson planning! Don't stop now!! Click here to read Part IV of this newsletter. You'll discover some additional information about the AMC Montessori Grammar Bingo Game as well as resources for your home and school classrooms.

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