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The Language Workshop for Children’s
Professor Toto

CNN called Professor Toto producer and LWFC Founder François Thibaut... “one of a very few experts in teaching languages to small children.”

Professor Toto is a series of animated DVDs, vocabulary-rich song and story CDs, lyric books, coloring books, and teacher-parent guides that introduce kids to a new language with The Language Workshop for Children’s time-tested educational play method.

Students watch and hear colorful, emotionally stimulating activities, and interact and sing-along with child-friendly characters with whom they can relate.  The Part 1 DVD has kids laughing at the Professor’s funny, language-building antics and following 4-year old Eric as he describes what he does, eats, wears, and sees all day.  In Part 2 kids interact and sing-along with the Professor inside school, out of doors, and at his house. Then the Sing & Learn CD, Eric’s Day Story CD, Eric’s Day Coloring Book and teacher aides provide lots more activities and content with which to design your own lessons.
   Professor Toto Full Multi-Media Kit, or
   Watch & Learn Starter Kits, or
   Sing & Learn Starter Kit

   French, Spanish, Mandarin Chinese, German, or Italian

Full Kit:  $199.95
        (Less 20% or $159.95 with promo code TEACHER at checkout)
Part 1 DVD (Target Language, 30M)
Part 2 DVD (Target Language, 30M)
Word Power DVD (Target Language/English, 40M)
Parts 1 & 2 English Version DVD
Eric’s Day Story CD (Target Language, 25M)
Eric’s Day Coloring Book (120 pages)
Sing & Learn CD (Target Language, 25M)
Sing & Learn Illustrated Lyric Book (24 pages)
Part 1 Script (Target Language/English)
Part 2 Script (Target Language/English)
Word Power Booklet (Target Language/English)
Learning Guide
Professor Toto Tote Bag

Starter Kits:  $29.95 Each
        (Less 20% or $23.96 with promo code TEACHER at checkout)
Watch & Learn Part 1 Starter Kit
        Part 1 DVD (Target Language/English, 60M)
        Part 1 Script
        Learning Guide

Watch & Learn Part 2 Starter Kit
        Part 2 DVD (Target Language/English, 60M)
        Part 2 Script
        Learning Guide

Sing & Learn Starter Kit
        Sing & Learn CD (Target Language, 25M)
        Sing & Learn Illustrated Lyric Book (24 pages)
        Sing & Learn Coloring Book (24 pages)
        Professor Toto A+Kids Club Certificate
        Learning Guide

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when they enter Promo Code TEACHER at checkout.

Join the growing number of preschool educators using Professor Toto.

The Professor Toto® Language Education Series
Produced by The Language Workshop for Children
New York, NY

Professor Toto Won I-Parenting,, Parents Choice, National Parenting Publications, Family Choice and Creative Child awards.

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