Middle School Word Puzzles

"Middle school students and younger students who are reading at 5th-8th grade level deserve their own word puzzles and this book provides one thousand of them. Homophones will enhance THEIR skills when they do the puzzles over THERE. Beheadments will help them LEARN while they EARN praise for solving them. Incomplete countries will take them on imaginary tours of places like __ R __ N C __ and __ U __ T __ A __ IA. These puzzles are fun, fast, and focused.

Here's a sample puzzle:

Name Games (fill in the blanks with a name and a word with the same pronunciation, like May and may or Jim and gym):

__________ cleaned the mud from the welcome __________.

Middle School Word Puzzles is a great tool for you to use:
Written for the education and enjoyment of students who read at the 5th-8th grade level
Wide variety of interesting and relevant topics
8 l/2" by 11" pages - reproducible
Reasonable price - $10 with student or educator's discount
Middle School Word Puzzles is easy to order.
For additional information, the answer to the sample puzzle, and to place an order, please click onto: http://stillsonworks.com/m swp/mswp.html

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