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Maria Montessori

The Montessori Method which was developed by Maria Montessori is applied all over the world for the basic upbringing and early education of children. The Montessori approach has been there for the last 100 years. The beauty of this approach lies in the fact that it promotes controlled independence among children. The method does not involve any kind of strict course line, on the contrary, the children are allowed to learn naturally in an environment which is cordial and friendly. The main aim of this method is to develop the child both physically as well as intellectually. There is no mass approach in the Montessori Method. By mass approach, we mean that all students are not painted with the same brush in this method, but instead, each individual child is treated differently as per his or her potential.

American Montessori Consultants is a big name when it comes to Montessori consultancy. We have been here in the market for quite some time now and are reputed for our different services pertaining to Montessori approach or Montessori methodology of education. We have some of the most qualified consultants who will provide you two predominantly different services.

Our first service is that we will recommend you some of the best schools where you can get your child admitted. Our second service is more about training and development pertaining to different aspects of Montessori methodology of education. This service is ideal for people who are interested in pursuing their careers in Montessori.  We provide both offline and online consultancy.

Through our website, you can get all the learning material which is necessary for becoming a professional Montessori teacher. We have online courses available on our website through which you can gain all the knowledge about different aspects of Montessori teaching. These courses are in the form of video clips.

Apart from this, we also have a huge archive containing relevant articles and books pertaining to Montessori education. These articles and books have been written by well-known authors. These articles are more related to current researches which mean that by reading these articles you will be able to know all the new developments pertaining to child upbringing.

We have a chat room as well on our website through which you can interact with other members on our webpage. The social interaction will help you learn more about the people around you. You can also share any unique information you have pertaining to Montessori methodology here.

We have a complete database as well from where you can get all the relevant information about the popular Montessori schools that have been established all over the world.  All you need to do is to write the name and city of the country in which you reside in and the filter will automatically provide you with a list of schools where you can send your children to learn.

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