Looking For Top Montessori Schools In USA? Your Search Ends Here!

Introduction The basic ingredient of Montessori Methodology is its Holistic educational approach. Since its inception around 100 years ago by Dr. Maria Montessori, the Montessori methodology is recognized by many as the best way to develop a child. There are many schools all over the world which have adopted the Montessori methodology. In this article, […]


Maria Montessori’s Holistic Approach To Education

Holistic education is based on the principle that every person out there finds the purpose of life, meaning and identity through community connections, spiritual values connections, and natural world connections. Importance of Holistic Approach In comparison to the traditional way of education, the holistic approach serves as a fantastic alternative. The discoveries related to child […]


Montessori Teachers – A Dynamic Link Between Children And The Prepared Environment

Introduction There are many Montessori schools in the world today, however, what holds importance is how good the teachers in these schools are. The top Montessori schools of the world are home to some of the best Montessori teachers as well. The point which we are trying to establish here is that smooth and effective […]