If you want your children to move forward in life then providing good quality education is the best thing that you can do for them. A child has to go through many different phases before he can graduate and move on. The first stop in every child’s education journey is preschool and this is where everything starts. Preschool instructors try to teach the children using different techniques, and these techniques are evolving every day. There are many different materials that are used to teach a preschooler but to make things a little simpler, we have divided them into sub categories.



I will go through and describe each of the categories as I progress.

Art Bin

As the name suggests, the “art bin” is related to art. It is here the child starts to learn the names of different colors and recognize them. The art bin contains many different kinds of coloring tools including crayons and markers. Triangular Crayons are used to teach children to grip the crayon properly; these crayons do not roll very easily and therefore do not fall off the table.

When you are teaching preschool children, you should try to reuse things as many times possible. This is where dry erase markers come in handy. Dry erase markers are used with sheet protectors so that you stop wasting paper. It is also a great way to teach the child to erase on his own.

Basic Learning Tools

It is easier to manage your learning tools when you have divided them into sections. I, for one, keep all of my learning tools in a separate bin. This bin contains things like alphabet stamps, window markers, and more. The bin also contains Tempera Paints, sidewalk chalk, and more. All of these things are perfect for teaching the children a variety of things like coloring and identifying alphabets.

Alphabet Learning

Language is one of the most important things that you need to teach preschool children and for me, the alphabet learning section is perfect for providing a head start. This section contains different alphabet games, alphabet magnets, sandpaper letter cards, Montessori moveable alphabets, and more. By using all of these things a child can start recognizing the different alphabets. The best part is that this technique can be used to teach any language and is not just a staple for the English language.

Math Learning

The best way to make a child’s mind stronger is to make him solve some simple math problems. The Math learning tools are perfect for this as the children can use things like Cuisenaire Rods, Unifix Cubes, circle magnets, and Wikki Stix. The children should also be able to recognize the different shapes, and for this purpose, shape templates are the way to go.

Learning Toys

When teaching preschool children, you have to try to make them learn new things whenever they start a new activity. So, learning toys are the best way to go when you want the children to learn and play at the same time.


Teaching preschool children is one of the most challenging jobs in the world. With the help of these techniques and tools the process becomes a little bit simpler. The best thing about all of these tools and toys is that you can purchase them and keep them at your home so that your child never stops to learn new things. Preschool is the place where the child learns the basics of mathematics, language, art, and more. With the help of these materials, the whole learning process for a child becomes a lot easier for both the teacher and students. In this way, the preschool teachers can help the child’s brain to gather a lot more essential information. These methods help in the overall development process of the child.

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