Choosing a specific method or school of education for a child is a very important duty of parents. The education should be able to prepare a child to subsequent grades and also mould him/her into a global individual.

Montessori education is one such program that has been proven to be the ideal curriculum which equips children to face challenges of the constantly changing world around them. Montessori educational approach has made successful inroads worldwide ever since Dr. Maria Montessori started it in 1907.

Detention Girls – A Perfect Case

Girls from this series should really be getting a proper education in terms of behavior and general existence in today’s society. The case with Detention Girls is pretty rough, though. They are bratty, they don’t listen and they think they are smarter than anybody else. But we have a few aces up our sleeves and we are about to throw them on the table. A total punishment and a lesson of manners for these naive girls!

Detention Girls is the place where smart (yeah, right) girls are being manhandled.

Origin Of Montessori Method

Dr. Maria Montessori

Montessori Method was started by Dr. Maria Montessori in Rome, Italy in 1907. Although a medical graduate, Maria Montessori was interested in children’s education.

Her observations of children led her to create special learning tools that encouraged the natural learning tendencies in children and fostered them to do different things on their own.

She worked with training institute teachers to spread the method and also conducted Montessori training sessions with the materials she created to promote independent growth and learning in the students.

Worldwide Spread Of Montessori Method

Pedagogical Anthropology and Montessori Method

Dr. Montessori published her findings in her books titled Pedagogical Anthropology and Montessori Method. This helped spread the philosophy to other parts of Europe including Spain, France, England, Argentina, the United States and Switzerland.  The path breaking and effective method was well received by educators around the world, resulting in the method being included in existing curriculum in some schools while in other schools were created based on the method exclusively.

AMI (Association Montessori Internationale) founded by Dr. Montessori is based in Netherlands where she passed away in 1953. In the United States, the American Montessori Society founded by Nancy McCormic, and institutions like American Montessori consultants spread the methodology and approach to schools for children.

Benefits Galore With Montessori Education

The success of Montessori Method lies in its ability to encourage the innate desire in children to learn and grow. The various benefits children gain from the methodology include

  • Learn via a unique curriculum backed by didactic tools
  • Children learn in a prepared environment that has all the specific materials needed for the children to learn on their own in an optimal way
  • Children are encouraged to be independent and curious as they take part in the learning method
montessori method
Montessori environment

A Global Education Method To Follow

The Montessori environment allows children to engage, explore, and experience cosmic education via hands-on learning and special tools. Both children and teachers in the classroom environment interact in an optimal way, learning from each other and making it one of the best accepted learning methods worldwide.

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